CircleCI all-time build count

Posted by Robert Crim

We’re big fans of CircleCI. We use it to run tests, of course, but also to build and continuously deploy Docker containers for our apps, the static content on, and this blog.

I was asked to put together some figures (for fun) to use on a new careers page. Taking a loose interpretation of fun, I wondered how many builds we’ve ever run on CircleCI. Luckily, it was pretty easy to find out using their API and a REPL I had handy.

Interestingly, without specifying Accept: application/json, it looked like I was getting a Clojure data structure in the reponse. Telling clj-http to coerce the body :as :clojure didn’t work, so I left it at that.

Long story short – it turns out we’ve done 16,721 builds across all our projects!