A day in the life of a Funding Circle developer

Posted by Enrique Figuerola

I recently had the opportunity to show the world what it is like to be part of Funding Circle’s engineering team in the London office.


I’m part of the awesome Investor team at Funding Circle and we focus on improving the experience for our Investors. We are a small part of a larger engineering team, but together, we are trying to create a better financial world.


At Funding Circle I work with an amazing group of people, who provoke you to think in many different ways and provide a different perspective from your own. This is what makes us special and drives everybody to improve themselves everyday.


We deal with many challenges on a daily basis. This is not always easy but it’s what makes Funding Circle an exciting place to work. Like every company we have our successes and failures, which we always try to learn from. We are working to revolutionise the world of finance by making technology changes in favour of a more open and reliable place for everyone.


We use a variety of technologies in our work, such as Ruby, Rails, iOS, AngularJS, Capistrano and Chef. Agile methodologies such as TDD, BDD feature prominently in our development process, however we are always trying to improve as an engineering team and are open to new ideas. We aim to offer the best service for all of our users and constantly strive for the best.


We are changing everything … watch it yourself