A year on from CodeCraft

Posted by Shaban Karumba

It’s been a year now since I joined Funding Circle as one of 8 CodeCrafters who spent three months being trained in website development and becoming a fully fledged software engineer. I was one of the three people who were hired by Funding Circle and here is a brief overview of my experience since.

CodeCraft was organised and run extremely well; each week we knew exactly what we were doing. The first few weeks were classroom-based, completing simple challenges, lessons/presentations from other engineers and weekly tests to reinforce what we had learnt. We also slowly started to take on some real work, such as changing some styling or fixing a bug. We started off just a day a week, but then ended up with us completing a whole week working within a team, which gave us a chance to work with the engineers at Funding Circle. I found working with the team one of the best things about CodeCraft as it really gives you a chance to see how real software engineers work, which includes everything from daily stand-ups, planning meetings, retrospectives and demonstrations to other areas of the business to showcase our work. This was a real eye opener, as being an engineer is not just about coding all day long! Our time working with the developers not only prepared us for working within an engineering team but also gave us the opportunity to see if it’s something we would enjoy doing on a day to day basis.

After 10 months of working as a software engineer I’m sometimes amazed about how far I’ve come in terms of what I’m capable of doing. I started off in what is called the “borrower team” that deals with all things related to our borrowers on the platform and we completely changed the flow of how a borrower signs up to the site. This project involved designing various API endpoints which were then consumed by an single page application in AngularJS. Building an API is great because it enables the same code base to be used by any external client such as a mobile application or even a third party company. Since completing this I have been moved to another team migrating existing functionality into a micro-service part of a service oriented architecture (SOA).

As you can imagine it’s been an interesting, exciting and challenging journey, with many learnings. Pairing with other engineers has really helped, as I’ve been able to learn from other’s experiences, perspectives, and different ways of problem-solving plus occasionally adding my new point of view to various problems helping the team solve things.

I can’t recommend CodeCraft enough for when we do it again, as you won’t regret the decision at all. It will open up many avenues for you in terms of the experience you’ll gain, and there are not many programmes like it which allow you to both learn and also work side by side with an engineering team. Funding Circle as a whole is a great place for you to learn and develop, although one of the main attractions for me has been the people I work with everyday, striving to achieve more to make it an even better place to work.