Getting to know our Engineers at Funding Circle: Q&A with Sagar Patil

Posted by Alexandra Staniland

This is part of a regular series where we catch up with our engineers to discover more about what life is like in the Engineering team here at Funding Circle!

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Tell us about yourself! What is your name and role here at Funding Circle?

My name is Sagar Patil. I work as a Senior Software Engineer in the Retail Investor team. Our team’s work includes improving the Retail Investor experience as well as working on the algorithm that helps match borrowers with investors to help fund their loans.

How long have you been with Funding Circle?

Close to 4 months now. It’s been a breeze so far.

Why did you choose Funding Circle for your next role?

At my previous company, I got a taste of the kind of problems that FinTechs all over the world are trying to solve. I loved the fact that even though you feel like you’re developing tiny features, they had massive impact on the lives of our customers. When I felt like it was time to move on (from my previous company), I wanted to work for a FinTech where there were technically challenging problems but also make a difference to the community. As my luck would have it, one of the talent partners from FundingCircle (a huge shout out to Jasmin) reached out and through a quick interview process, I ended up here.

How do you start your day?

We have dashboards with metrics set up to monitor critical parts of the funding process. A quick look to see everything’s A-okay and then a brief team standup to sync-up. A cup of ginger tea (or hot chocolate) and I’m ready to go…

What do you enjoy most about Funding Circle?

I really like the business problem that we’re trying to solve at Funding Circle. It ticks both innovation and impact that one might look for in a place of work. I get to work in one of the coolest parts of the business but I think I enjoy working with my colleagues here the most. They’re extremely smart, super friendly and overall, an ace bunch.

What are the main challenges you face?

As a new member of the team, ramping up on the domain is slightly challenging. Other than that, often times there are a hundred different ideas, all great, on what can be done to improve our systems but I personally feel that it is challenging to decide what would be most useful to our customers. This issue is exacerbated as we are growing fast and across multiple geographies and we want to provide the best possible customer experience.

Talk through some of the projects you are working on?

Currently, we are making improvements to the way the funding algorithm works so as to improve fairness in matching loans to investors. At the same time, we’re also working quite laboriously to improve the cash out process for our investors.

What advice would you give to someone who may be interviewing with an Engineering team at Funding Circle?

The idea of an interview is not just to test if you have the technical skills to be able to solve problems, but also to be able to collaborate with the interviewers and see if we can reach a good enough solution by the end of the interview. Articulate your assumptions, ask questions if you don’t understand anything and try to explain your approach to the interviewers along the way and answer any questions they may have along the way in as simply as you can. Sometimes, an interviewer’s question is an edge case that you may not have thought about ;)

One major mistake I have made in the past was of not applying to some job because I thought I might not be smart enough to clear the interview. If there are others who feel similarly while looking at a job posting, I would say go for it! If there’s any advice I would give to my younger self or any of you folks, this would be it!

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