ClojureCircle meetup

Posted by Anna Keren

As you may be aware, we have recently launched a new Clojure specific meetup hosted at Funding Circle’s London office. The aim is to bring the wider Clojure community closer together to share knowledge, network and eat some pizza. We were back with...

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My First Week at Funding Circle

Posted by Rose Molina Atienza

Starting at a new company is an intense period; one that, for most of us, goes by in a blur of introductions and meetings, interleaved with some moments of calm. Looking back at my first week all I can say is: it was intense, fun and well worth it...

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Posted by

Debugging Kafka Connect Sinks

When we had to scale into billions of dollars of originations and multiple currencies at the same time here at Funding Circle, we chose Kafka for our new global marketplace lending platform. We still have a legacy stack...

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Testing Kafka Streams topologies with Kafka Interceptors

Posted by Nacho Munoz

We rely heavily on Kafka and Kafka Streams at Funding Circle to build event-driven microservices, so, testing those Kafka Streams topologies is key to validate the correctness of our platform.

The aim of this blog post is to compare two integration...

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